Class of 2017

Class I Newsletter #19

** Happy Spring Break **


During the next three weeks, the majority of colleges will be sending their decisions.  In some cases, it will feel as though an enormous amount of information landed on you all at once.  When we return from break, the newsletter will contain more specific information regarding deposits, wait lists, and re-visits.


Between now and then, however, if you receive a wait list decision and you would like to remain active on that wait list, you should respond to the college as soon as possible.  (Often the college will direct you to respond to the wait list offer online.)  Colleges will be looking for indications of interest, and a speedy reply is one of the best ways to demonstrate interest.

At the same time, hold off on a full-blown follow-up letter to the college until you have had a chance to speak with your college counselor after break.  There will be drop-ins all day Tuesday, March 28 and then drop-in’s periodically throughout that week.


When we return to classes, please make sure to inform the College Office of your decisions; we are dependent on you to find out what decisions ultimately happened.  We know this is an exciting but also sometimes difficult stretch in the year.  Hold on to your good sense and your good humor.  Take care of yourselves and your classmates.  If you need help sorting through your options, please see us after the break.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy a wonderful, well-earned rest.