Class of 2018

Class I Newsletter #19

  • If you applied early and were deferred, here is our advice:

Remember that you are still in the game.  Your application will now become part of the regular pool.

Now that first semester is over, you should write a follow-up letter to the college where you were deferred.  The letter acts as an update.  Mention any new awards, honors, or responsibilities, or discuss a semester paper or project that really interested you.  You can also describe your senior project.  This letter is also the time to reaffirm your interest in the college; if it is still your first choice, say so.  The college counselors are happy to work with you on the letter. 


  • If you receive emails from colleges informing you that something is missing from your application, or if you are checking your application status online and something is missing, DON’T PANIC. Most colleges will be filing materials through the entire month of January and into early February.  In fact, they won’t receive your first semester grades until mid-February, once grades and transcripts are finalized.  If you find that materials are still missing a couple of weeks past the school’s application deadline, please let us know.
  • If you have been accepted ED, you need to withdraw all other applications and notify each college in writing (usually an email to the admission office will suffice).
  • If you have been accepted early, be sure to share your good news with teachers who have written your recommendations.
  • All alumni interviews scheduled individually on-campus need to be cleared through the College Office. Please inform Mrs. Dunnington in advance of your scheduled interview so we can make sure an interview space will be available and notify campus safety.
  • A helpful website for navigating financial aid applications is Financial Aid applications, requirements, and deadlines vary from school to school; however, you will need to complete the FAFSA (, and some schools require the CSS/Profile ( and/or their own financial aid application.
  • If you are looking for merit scholarships, is another useful website.
  • If you have made a change to your class schedule since applying to schools, you need to notify the colleges in writing but, first, talk with your college counselor.


College Office phone number is 617-898-2310
College Office fax number is 617-898-1717

Posting of Class I newsletters will begin in September of 2017.