Class of 2018

Class I Newsletter #15


Tuesday, 12/12:  Drop-in meetings only.
Wednesday, 12/13:  Drop-in meetings only from 8:20am–1:20pm. Office closed after 1:20pm for sending materials.
Thursday, 12/14:  Drop-in meetings only from 8:20am–11:00am. Office closed after 12:00pm for sending materials.
Friday, 12/15:  Office closed for sending materials.
Monday, 12/18: Office closed, reopening Wednesday, 1/3.

** Final lists, essays, and individual school SSR’s for non-Common App schools should be completed/in by now! **

If you haven’t met with your counselor to finalize your college list, you must do so ASAP.
We cannot send materials without that finalized and signed list.

If you applied Early Action or Early Decision and you receive a decision from a college, please tell us!  You can drop by the office or email.

The Final List Form (which you complete with your college counselor), on which you state all schools to which you will apply regular decision, was to be completed by Friday, December 1.  If you no longer plan to apply to a school you listed on this form or need to add a school, please email Mrs. Dunnington and your college counselor             

  • For schools that do not use the Common Application (for example, Georgetown, MIT, Elon), the application should prompt you to input your counselor’s email so s/he can receive a link for that school’s Secondary School Report (SSR) form.

Work on your essays.  If you submitted an essay or supplement(s) for review, stop by Mrs. Dunnington’s office to pick them up before you leave for break.

Send your scores.  You are responsible for sending your official scores from the College Board ( or ACT ( to the college(s).  The College Office will NOT send any scores to colleges, and scores do NOT appear on your transcript.  NB:  There is a growing list of colleges that do not require official score reports from the testing agencies.  Double-check the individual college websites to see if any of your colleges are on that list, in which case you only need to self-report your scores on the Common App.

If you are applying for financial aid:

  1. File a CSS/Profile online (if required) at
  2. File a FAFSA online at, and
  3. Complete financial aid applications at individual colleges, as needed.

If you plan to apply Early Decision II, please be aware that you may need to complete an Early Decision contract, which requires your signature, a parent signature, and a counselor signature.  Most colleges, but not all, will prompt you to complete this process online.  Please let your college counselor and Mrs. Dunnington know if you apply EDII somewhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few pieces of information for the regular decision application process:

  1. Remember, it is your responsibility to be aware of all deadlines; some colleges may have their own special deadlines.
  1. You should self-report your AP scores when filling out your applications. You should not pay to have the scores sent officially through AP Services.
  1. Be sure to push “submit” for your supplements! That submission is sometimes separate from the submission of the main application.
  1. If you must answer “yes” to the question about Disciplinary Action on your applications, you need to come by and talk to your counselor about your response. You are expected to answer these questions honestly.
  1. If you think you qualify for application fee waivers, see Mrs. Dunnington.
  1. Please do not call the admission offices to check on the status of your application – they are inundated with materials this time of year, and your call will only slow them down. Give colleges at least two weeks after the deadline to process what they’ve received.
  1. If you receive emails informing you that something is missing from your application folder, or if you are checking your application status online and something is still missing at least two weeks past the deadline, please tell us. Don’t get stressed.  Don’t panic.  Just come and see us.



Cornell University:  Alumni interviews for Regular Decision applicants are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, February 1.  Please hold the date and stay tuned! 

Dartmouth College:  Alumni interviews for Regular Decision applicants are tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 11 and Thursday, January 18.   Please hold the date and stay tuned!


College Office phone number is 617-898-2310
College Office fax number is 617-898-1717

Posting of Class I newsletters will begin in September of 2017.