Class of 2017

Class I Newsletter #24


  • Please complete the Final College Questionnaire ASAP if you haven’t yet.  We need a completed questionnaire from everyone.  Dunnington cannot send your final transcript without this completed.  The information you submit on the questionnaire is not for publication, only for College Office information (where to send you final school report, etc.).  Completed questionnaires from all seniors was due last Friday, April 28.
  • Final grades will be sent in June after commencement; that is the only mailing planned for the spring. For wait list students, colleges may ask for spring grades.  If so, we will provide them, but there will not be a comprehensive mailing to wait list colleges.
  • Make sure to inform the teachers who wrote your recommendations of your college news. Thank them for all their help in your process.  Also, be sure to inform your advisor, who will be eager to hear your news.